This Dog Refuses To Leave His Elephant Friend In The Last Hours of His Life

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Friendships can develop among any species in the animal kingdom, regardless of size or color. However certain species do not get along because of the structure of the food chain.

Others have no reason to refuse to tell, especially if they come from difficult backgrounds. They immediately bonded after seemingly realizing that they were really suffering.

A very sweet dog, Pancake. Three years ago, he was transferred to an elephant sanctuary after being rescued from the streets.

When Pancake was discovered, Katherine Connor, founder and CEO of BLES, picked her up and drove her to the shelter. Although she doesn’t even look like an elephant, she has actually adapted extremely well to the situation and of course, she is aware of everything.

In fact, other BLES organisms regularly participate in significant events that have already occurred or are about to happen.

She was rescued from a camp where she had to carry tourists on her back five years ago. And so his spine was already significantly damaged and about to be. Fortunately, he came to BLES at the age of 60. Where he could learn to understand the things he loved and live a peaceful life.

She was completely exhausted when she arrived, but the environment inspired her to explore new things and start a new life.

Upon arrival, the Boon Band meets Sao Noi, an old elephant who had died two years earlier. Boon Thong stood by Sao Noi when she was about to die and stroked her with his trunk to let her know he had arrived.

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Now Boon Thong is preparing to say goodbye to the underworld, but she is not acting alone.

When Pancake found out something was wrong and Boon Thong really had health problems, she stayed by his side. Katherine and Pancake eventually decided to take on the responsibility of being her companion in her final days because she was just a companion and nothing could force her to leave her alone.

An honorable yet extremely exciting mission for the Boon Band. Pancake and Katherine spent 9 hours with Boon Thong on her last day.

With her beautiful heart, Pancake never left Katherine or Boon Thong alone. She was aware that help was needed. She didn’t speak to the elephant again until her last encouragement just before sunset.

These are the words that BLES representatives posted on social networks. His grave is covered with fruit and flowers as a memorial. Her body will surely also relax next to her best friend Saint Noi, where she can finally find happiness and live a fulfilling life.

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