Spotted A Cream Colored Bear Cub Playing With His Black Mother Bear!

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Love Has No Color, It Is Unconditional.

It’s rare to have a hint of white. So beautiful. The baby is precious!!!

A remarkable five-month-old cub with cream colored fur has been discovered in British Columbia with its mother of a common coat color.

The rare sight was seen and photographed by environmental planning manager Arthur De Jong. The boy was spotted playing with his mother on Whistler-Blackcomb Mountain and had some amazing scientists.

They thought it was an albino bear or a spirit bear. These two results are related to a genetic mutation that affects their pigmentation.

Is he an albino? It’s beautiful no matter what, and mother bear loves it. Let’s love when God and nature… let us admire… love and co-exist with it.

As gorgeous and gorgeous as it is, Mother Bear must be glad that her new cubs are healthy as usual

Motherhood, we pray that she will watch over it and protect it from predictors.

Extremely beautiful but poor so life will be very difficult

Mother’s love is precious!

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