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Right around the time the movie ‘Barbie’ came out, a rare animal in the iconic doll’s favorite color was causing a stir in Louisiana. In fact, there are two! These beautiful creatures, two pink dolphins, were discovered by Thurman Gustin.

The fact that he has been fishing in this very river for over 20 years shows the rarity of this event. Luckily, he was able to shoot a movie.

Because although he has spotted other interesting animals, such as the lynx swimming in the bay in Texas, nothing compares to the pink dolphin.

Thurman said: “As we were walking, I noticed something in the water that I knew was out of the ordinary. “I [stopped] the boat and brought this beautiful pink dolphin out. I had to save it.

These shiny dolphins aren’t the only ones swimming around, but they are the only pink ones, one considerably larger than the other. Although there is a species known as the pink river dolphin, they live in freshwater lakes in South America. This means that these two are probably albino bottlenose dolphins.

As rare as these sightings are, it turns out that one of the dolphins Thurman spotted so well could be a local celebrity in South Louisiana called Pinkie! First discovered in 2007 in the same area where Thurman fished, this pink wonder has its own Facebook page with over 20,000 followers eager to follow the latest images people share.

While the pink wonder Thurman saw may have been the famous Pinkie, since they’ve seen a calf before, it’s also possible they’ve spotted her baby.

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In any case, Thurman was delighted to have had the opportunity to experience such a special sight first-hand. Similarly, we’re happy that people like him can capture those moments so the rest of us can experience them too! Watch Thurman’s pink dolphin scene in the video below.

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