Photographer Captures The Amazing Moment Of The Eagle Eeflecting In The Water

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Some people believe that the perfect photo does not exist. But this story will surely prove all wrong. Steve Biro is an individual with a great photographic eye. While visiting the Canadian Bird Sanctuary, he was able to capture a spectacular, symmetrical photo of an eagle flying near the surface of a pond.

Although Steve is an amateur photographer, he is currently enjoying the glory with his photography ability, he has captured a rare phenomenon in a million pictures. All thanks to an encounter with the bald eagle Bruce. Apparently, Steve was visiting the Canadian Raptor Reserve in Ontario when he met one of the reserve’s most famous residents. The bird tried to pull Steve away from where he was sitting.

The majestic bird flew very low and close to a small pond and caught Steve’s eye, and that’s exactly when Steve took these pictures. This has given humans the opportunity to capture some amazing photos of the bald eagle looking directly into the camera as it glides freely across the reflective water.

Out of all the photos taken by Steve, one has won his heart. This photo is nothing more than a perfectly symmetrical reflection of the beautiful bird flying straight at Steve. “It’s perfectly square, both wings touching the water,” Steve commented on his shot. While he’s not sure how people will react to his image, it’s certain that people loved the photo as it went viral instantly and even appeared on the cover of Reddit.

Steve started photography a few years ago and pursued it as a hobby because it brought him joy and made him feel like he was seeing the world through a child’s eyes and from a new perspective. Steve not only became famous for his photography but was also fortunate to have a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Isn’t that great? He will certainly never forget this beautiful meeting.

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