People Watch The Moment Of Panic When A Small Wiener Dog Gets Too Close To a Giant 500lb . Lion

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Milo the dachshund and her littermates were puppies when they first met Bonedigger lion.

Bonedigger was only 4 weeks old, so the dogs thought it was a big puppy and started playing with it.

Soon the puppies found that Bonedigger had become crippled (due to metabolic bone disease). They feel extremely sorry for him, so they always make him feel comfortable. However, it is Milo who wants to protect his lion friend the most.

Over the years, Milo and Bonedigger have formed a unique relationship. They live together at Garold Wayne Exotic Pet Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, surrounded by kind caregivers who attend to their every need.

Over time, many witnesses became fearful for the safety of Milo and his siblings. They felt that Bonedigger’s hunting instincts would harm the small dogs.

However, Bonedigger defied all negative biases and showed that he will always be a friendly presence for the Dachshund family. Today, one can often see a harmonious family dining, cuddling, or playing together. Bonedigger kindly allows his canine friends to sleep on him whenever they want. And Milo likes to play the lion’s personal dentist and give him “kiss” when examining his teeth!

Sanctuary staff said Bonedigger would be extremely upset if one of the dogs disappeared from his lawn.

Now grown and stronger, Bonedigger lovingly cherishes and protects the small dog family from any harm. This special relationship proves that the animal kingdom is filled with the purest souls!

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