New Year’s Resolutions for your Dog in 2023

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As we toast to a new year, let’s not forget about one of our most trusted four-legged friends — our beloved dogs! As we start to plan our own New Year’s resolutions, why not include your pup in the fun? Whether you’ve got a small Papillon pup or a large St. Bernard, here are some top tips on creating resolutions that’ll make your pup’s 2020 the best it can be.

1. Start the New Year Right: New Year’s Resolutions for your Dog

One of the best ways to ensure your pup is happy and healthy is by giving him his own New Year’s resolutions. Let 2021 be a year of self-improvement and growth for your pet! Here are some resolutions you can set for your pup this year.

  • Exercise More: Is your pooch a bit too sedentary? Exercise is key for a pup’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Start off by taking your furry friend for daily walks, gradually increasing the intensity and length as the weeks go by.
  • Eat Healthy: What better time to switch up your pet’s diet than the start of a new year? Eliminate unhealthy dog treats, switch to organic food, or opt for all-natural and high-quality food.
  • Socialize More: This year, vow to give your pup more socialization. Subscribe to obedience classes or take your pup to puppy playdates so he can form healthy relationships with other pets.
  • Get Pampered: After a year of quarantining, your pup may need some special attention. Start off the new year right by scheduling regular grooming sessions or spa appointments.
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Make sure to stay consistent, so your pup can stay in tip-top shape for the upcoming year. A new routine and set of guidelines could be just the change your pup needs for a healthier and happier 2023!

2. Strengthening the Bond: Bonding Exercises for Dogs

Interactive Playtime

These bonding exercises revolve around interactive playtime with your pup. It’s sure to bring fun and plenty of wagging tails for both of you! And even though playtime looks different for every dog, here are a few activities that might just spark your pup’s tail-wagging enthusiasm.

  • Fetch – Toss around a favorite toy and see if your pup will come fetching!
  • Treasure Hunt – Hide treats around the house and let them sniff out the treasure!
  • Hide & Seek – Play hide and seek with your pooch and see who’s the better hider…
  • Obstacle Course – Challenge your pup by creating a fun obstacle course in your home or yard.

Cuddle Sessions

If the previous exercises had your pup running around, this one’s the perfect release. Show your pup how much you love them with cuddles and belly rubs! And while these activities may seem simple and minor, they’re paramount to a successful bond between you and your pup. Whether it’s a quick cuddle after a meal or a lengthy cuddle session on the sofa, we’re sure your pup will look forward to it!

3. Making Healthy Changes: Nutritional and Exercise Goals

Changing your life for the better can seem daunting at first, but it’s easier than you think. Many healthy changes can be made simultaneously that add up to big results. A great way to start is to make nutritional and exercise goals to improve your well-being into the future.

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When it comes to improving your diet, there are a few key tactics to consider. If convenience is your priority, look for quick and nutritious meals that are pre-made with the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. If budget is a factor, consider frozen vegetable and fruit options, as these can be stored for long periods of time and have excellent nutritional value. Finally, if you opt to cook, aim to create meals with a wide variety of plant-based ingredients. Eating more fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains is a delicious way to get the health benefits of a nutrient-dense diet.

When it comes to exercise, the most important thing is to find activities that you enjoy and are able to stick with. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Exploring local hiking trails
  • Trying out kayaking or canoeing
  • Purchasing a bike and going for a ride
  • Swimming laps in the pool
  • Doing an online fitness class

Getting regular exercise is a great way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. By finding activities you enjoy, it will be easier to stick with your goals and make those healthy changes into lifetime habits.

4. Putting Safety First: A Checklist for Pet Parental Safety

Being a pet parent is a great responsibility and safety should always be a priority. To ensure your pet’s wellbeing, health, comfort and safety, here is a checklist to review:

  • Annual vet visit: Take your pet for a regular checkup to make sure their health is in peak condition and any underlying issues are detected and addressed.
  • Regular exercise: Exercise not only keeps your pet physically healthy, but it also helps with mental wellbeing. Make sure to allocate time in your pet’s daily routine to keep them active and at a healthy weight.
  • Proper nutrition: Quality nutrition ensures your pet has the right mix of vitamins and minerals to live happy, healthy and strong. Consult your vet for a diet that’s tailored to your pet’s specific needs.
  • Suitable living space: Make sure your pet’s living environment is safe, free from disease and suits their needs. Pay special attention to ventilation and heating – temperature should always be kept at a comfortable level.
  • Identification: An ID tag with your name and contact information on it should be attached to your pet’s collar at all times. This helps in case your pet strays or gets lost.
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Be aware of your pet’s possible exposure to danger in everyday situations. Your pet should be supervised and never left unsecured in a car, nor should they be allowed to run around freely in unknown or dangerous areas.

As you get to ringing in the New Year, make sure you don’t forget to keep up with forming good habits for your pup. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a happy and healthy start to 2020? With these resolutions, your pup can be sure to have the best year yet!

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