New Year’s Resolutions for your Cat in 2023

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It’s a brand-new year, and that means it’s time for new beginnings and resolutions – even for our cats! Just like we humans make resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives, we should include our cats in them too. Let’s make 2020 the time our cats become healthier, happier, and better companions for the year ahead! Here’s what your cat needs to make those resolutions happen.

1. Fresh Starts for Feline Friends: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Cat in 2023

2020 is the perfect time for cats to get a fresh start and make some New Year’s resolutions. While it’s hard to get cats to stick to these promises, there are a few achievable resolutions that will make them better pets and help their humans get closer to their furry friends.

  • Resolution 1: More Exercise! Cats love to relax, but it’s important for their health that they get plenty of physical activity. Allocating a certain amount of time every day for some play time with your cat and providing them with a variety of toys are both great ways to ensure they get the exercise they need.
  • Resolution 2: Spend More Quality Time Together Cats will benefit from more cuddles and lap time with their humans too! Put aside some time in your day where you can relax with your cat and give them the attention they deserve.
  • Resolution 3: Make Healthy Eating Easier Make sure your kitty stays healthy in 2020 by switching them to a high quality dry food or wet food that’s low in sugar, salt and fat to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need. Regular check-ups at the vet are also key!
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Following these resolutions will create a new, healthier and happier lifestyle for both you and your cat in 2023.

2. Growing Pawsitively: Ways To Stimulate Your Cat’s Mind and Body in the New Year

First and foremost, designate a designated play area for your feline friend. Separately from the rest of the home, choose an area for playing – the more you can make the space cat-attracting and fun, the better! By filling the space with toys, scratching posts, and variations of play movement, you’ll be encouraging ample amounts of mental and physical stimulation for your pet.

On top of having a dedicated play area, schedule out times for interactive play. This doesn’t necessarily need to be done daily, but regularly, such as a few times a week or so. Examining the natural, hunter-hunted type of games makes it quite enjoyable for the cat. Think of it as being hunting prey: hide toy mice in the area and let your pet be the hunter. Consider switching up the toys as a way to keep the cat’s mind guessing and sharp!

  • Designate a dedicated play area
  • Fill the area with toys, scratching posts, and variations of play movement
  • Schedule interactive play sometines a few times a week
  • Replenish toy supply for engaging guessing games

3. Building Feline Confidence: Encouraging Good Habits with Positive Reinforcement in 2023

It is important to cultivate your cat’s sense of self-worth if you want them to have a happy, healthy life. Positive reinforcement is key to developing good habits in cats, and to ensure they have the confidence to interact with the world around them. Here are a few tips to encourage positive reinforcement with your feline friend in 2020:

  • Provide rewards when your cat does what you want them to – treat them with treats, toys, or cuddles, depending on what works for your cat.
  • Be consistent in your expectations for behaviors and make sure to reinforce them every time – don’t reward poor behavior.
  • Establish a predictable routine – cats feel safe with a structured day.
  • Highlight positive behavior – use words like “good kitty” to alert your cat when they have done something right.
  • Spend time interacting with your cat each day – let them know they’re part of the family.
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By using these tips, you can help hydrate your cat’s confidence and ensure they have the opportunity to fail or try something new without fear. New situations can help build up their self-esteem, and with praise and encouragement, they can become even better with age.

4. Quality Together Time: Bonding with Your Cat in the New Year

Ring in the New Year with some quality time together with your feline friend. Cats are known to be notably independent and aloof, but they also crave attention and love just like any other pet. Show your cat that you care and give them plenty of cuddle time in 2021. Here are a few tips for creating a fun and enriching bonding experience with your cat:

  • Mix it up: Make sure your cat has plenty of options for playtime. Have a variety of toys available based on your cat’s individual interests and preferences. Consider rotating through different toys to prevent boredom.
  • Schedule playtime: Set aside a specific period of time each day for active playtime. This will allow your cat to look forward to their favorite activity and make it easier for both of you to plan around cat-time.
  • Physical affection: Don’t forget to give your cat plenty of physical affection. Pet them, groom them, and give them plenty of cuddles. Your cat will appreciate the extra attention.

Beyond play-time, you can look for other activities to do together. Try sitting outdoors with your cat and enjoying the fresh air, or even consider taking a short road trip together. Finding creative ways to spend time with your cat shows them how much you care and helps forge a stronger bond.

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Here is to wishing you and your furry feline friend a purrfect start to a great New Year full of health, happiness and adventures! With these creative New Year’s resolutions, you and your kitty can both look forward to a whole new year of fun and tail-wagging surprises. A big meow to you and your furry family!


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