Mountain Lions Chained For 20 Years In The Circus Are Finally Released Into The Forest.

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Imagine having to spend your life in prison, that’s disappointing, isn’t it? Animals also experience similar sensations when they have to live in the same place for the rest of their lives. And this story is about one of those animals.

Mufasa, a mountain lion, has had to live his whole life behind an old car traveling through the cities of Peru, which is known as the “traveling circus”.

If the animal is “interesting” or “wonderful,” that doesn’t mean it should live its life just to amuse people.

Just like Mufasa, who was chained for more than twenty years and forced to live a life he hated, there are many animals forced to live in small cages just to entertain humans.

But that all changed in 2015, when Mufasa was rescued by Animal Welfare International. They caught him while they were working to shut down the Peruvian circus he was in. He’ll never have to live a life he doesn’t want to, he finally has a chance to live the way he wants.

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