Lion Begs His Dog For Forgiveness, Sweet Gesture Reaches 30 Million Views.

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Surely there is no stranger relationship than that between a lion and a dog. Lions are known to be one of the most ferocious predators on the planet, and it is rare for these spectacular creatures to form a bond with an animal that is normally considered prey.

But there are lions willing to defy the odds, finding ways to bond with humans and other animals  and now seems like a great time to introduce yourself to Miki the lion.

This unique lion has really been friends with Camila all his life, and staff at the sanctuary where they live often try to videotap the adorable exchanges between the two. In their new video, Miki can be considered the coolest gentleman as he grabs Camila’s hand to kiss her. But he doesn’t know that Camila isn’t in the mood for love, and when he tries to lift her leg again, she turns her back and walks away in the other direction.

In a desperate attempt to reconcile with her canine friend, Miki then runs after Camila with her tail sandwiched between her legs, and it’s the funniest thing we’ve ever seen!

The video was posted on YouTube for all of us to see and we just knew we had to share it with you.

Miki the lion received the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City with Camila Chocolate Lab after the two friends were found together. According to the organization, the pair “have actually been together their whole lives, long before we rescued them.” And if they are not together, they will be very worried. And while no one knows how the two first met, it’s clear that their unique friendship persists to this day. The amazing video of Miki and Camila was first shared on YouTube by Toy Quest 101, along with the caption:

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“An incredible complicity between two friends from a very young age. A mighty white lion and a chocolate lab. Watch the lion walk and kiss the dog’s paw. Video shot at the Black Jaguar White Tiger facility as part of Toyquest101 viewing the facility.

Since being posted in 2018, the video now has 26.9 million views, as well as hundreds of thousands of likes and comments.

In the short clip, Camila can be seen approaching Miki, who politely kisses her leg. But when Miki tried to repeat her act of cuddling, Camila clearly had enough, she turned to leave. Miki immediately shows remorse and goes after her friend  and we’d love to know what happens next!

I don’t know about you, but this video reminds us a bit of an argument between husband and wife  obviously the lion is the guilty husband. And we’re not the only ones who find it funny! Many people took to the YouTube comments section to voice their opinions on the video, with one jokingly:

“Said the lion.” We are in front of the camera. let’s pretend we love each other”… The dog… “I can’t pretend long enough.

Another couldn’t resist the recommendation from The Lion King, joking:
“The dog moves too slowly, so the lion tells him to go mufasa.”

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Many people even guess that the dog is still in danger, but fortunately, these two are good friends!  

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